Monday, October 29, 2012

Assignment Two

“Then, using the information in Chapter 6 of your textbook and the article "Enhancing curriculum and delivery: linking assessment to learning objectives," write at least three measurable learning outcomes for a hypothetical unit of study and grade level of your choosing.  Later, you will be asked to develop the learning activities and assessments that support these learning outcomes.”


Lesson Plan (12th Grade Drama)

Student’s will read After reading Beth Henley’s 1972 one-act, “Am I Blue” and Alfred Sutro’s 1922 one-act “A Marriage Has Been Arraigned” students will be able to recognize and recreate the elements of a one-act drama.


Learning Outcomes:

1.     Students will explore; through drama, solutions to real life problems  

2.     Students will compare and contrast literature from various genres, time periods, and cultures

3.      Students will master the writing process from brainstorming to editing and revising to completion of the final project